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MODEL : R-SW-1000


MODEL : R-SW-1000

ROLLEX    Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine

Application The small reel wrapping machine is used to wrap the small products with reel type like Laminated material, Printing Material. Foil, Paper Roll, Nonwoven, Fabric weir circle paper roll and so on Its main features are light flexible and easy operation 2 Specification Wrapping size Diameter 400 1000 mm Width 500  – 1000 mm Packing efficiency 30 40 rolls..

On-line reel Stretch Wrapping Machine is the axial winding packaging machine for cylindrical goods to realize the whole package. The Wrapping Machine  packages the reels at 360 degree.
It is suitable for good storage, transport with preventing dust, moisture. It is of low packaging cost, high efficiency and improve the level of packages.

packing is completely Moisture & Dust proof and protects the product.



Technical Specification

Reels / Hour
30-40 nos.[ As Per Reel Diameter ]
Reel Diameter
Ø 400 mm To Ø 1000 mm.
Reel Width
500 mm  to 1000 mm.
 Weight / Reel
1000 Kg.
Reel Packaging Length
Ø 1000 mm.
Power Supply
2 HP-415 V ± 5 % ,3 Phase,50Hz.
Machine Size [L X B X H]
48 X 40 X 14 [INCH]
Packaging Size [L X B X H]
79 X 61 X 16 [INCH]
Machine Weight (Approx)
250 Kg [Net]
300 Kg [Gross]


  • Ideal for materials produced in reel form with heavy weights and huge sizes like Paper, Newsprint, Non-woven fabric, HDPE film roll
  • Dust free, moisture free cocoon type packing
  • Pit mounting of machine ensures fast / controlled product flow
  • Provision for wide range of reel diameters.
  • Various levels of protection can be achieved by using flexible control of turn table and Reel speeds
  • Low profile height of turn table for easy loading and unloading of reels
  • Pit mounting of machine is possible so that loading & unloading of Reels is at Ground Leve


  • Box Wrapping.
  • Pan Cake Wrapping.

Features of the machine


When stretch wrapping your products, they are safeguarded from damage due to dust, dirt and other environmental conditions like humidity or moisture. This keeps your product safe clean and dry, yet visible. Opaque stretch films may be used, in case the product needs to be concealed for more protection. The secure wrapping guards the product even in sea transportation amidst the salty conditions. Apart from during transit, safety is ensured in storage of the goods in the warehouses or factory premises too. The goods are neatly stacked for wrapping, thereby saving space. It also ensures inventory management in a much easier way, enhancing visual management of stocks. Stretch wrapping also enables to create a stable load that isn’t drifted during transportation.

When using a Roll wrapper, you can be convinced about savings in terms of time, costs and labor. Compare to manual wrapping, stretch wrapping with the machine save a lot of time. This time can be utilized for other factory management and maintenance purposes. Number of human resources employed to manage the machine for packaging is highly minimalized. Choosing an automation stretch wrapping solution will further reduce human intervention. Savings are also experienced by our customers, in terms of packaging materials. Traditional carton box or wooden pallet wrapping costs much higher than stretch film costs. Apart from that, when compared to manual stretch wrapping, the machine utilizes optimal level of stretch film thereby increasing savings at this point too.

Transporting the unitized product is much easier and hassle free. You can be assured of the safety of the small pallets that are unitized from robbery or mis-management during the transport, as they are safely tucked in as a single and intact package. When stretch film is used along with appropriate separators and angle boards, it allows increasing the stacking height, thereby enabling one to use maximum space during shipping. The weight of the stretch film wrapped product is less compared to that of conventional wooden packaging, which also ensures safe transportation and safe handling. Space management during transport is managed smartly with stretch wrapped products. As mentioned earlier, about 10 pallets, each containing 432 cones can be stuffed in one 20 feet container.

  • Machine Size [L X B X H]
    40 X 40 X 24 [INCH]
  • Packaging Size [L X B X H]
    4" X 46" X 29" [INCH]



  • R-SW-1000.