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MODEL : R-MCC-800.

Cardboard Tube Cutting Machine

ROLLEX MACHINERY  has developed Range of Manual Core Cutting Machines or Tube Cutting Machines to suit every requirement including Manual, Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic models.

Manual Core Cutting Machine / Tube Cutting Machines

The ROLLEX  Series R-MCC-800 range of  Manual Core Cutting Machine  3″ [Inch] & 6″ [Inch]  that is practical, efficient and cost effective. It produces an accurate, clean quality cut with quick and easy change – over for multiple core diameters and wall thicknesses. Cutting is achieved by using a free running crush cut knife principle.



Technical Specification

 Core Inside Diameter
 Ø 75 mm ( 3") Inch
 Core Length
 800 mm.
 Core Thickness
 5 mm & 10 mm.
 Cutting Min Length
 25 mm.
 Cutting max. Length
 800 mm.
 Electrical Supply
 1 HP-415 V ± 5 % ,3 Phase,50Hz.
 Motor Specification
 1 HP /1440 RPM.
 Machine Size [L X B X H]
49" X 17" X 45" [INCH]
 Packaging Size [L X B X H]
56" X 22" X 53" [INCH]
 Machine Weight (Approx)
100 Kg [Net]
150 Kg [Gross]


  • Quick Change Over.
  • Core Size Accurate Cutting.
  • More Cutter Life.
  • Fast Common Cutting.
  • Easy core length setting.

Optional Equipment

  • Manual Core Cutter Combo 3" & 6".
  • Semi Auto Core Cutter Machine.
  • Fully Auto Cutter Machine.
  • Customize Design 1" & 2" [Inch].

Features of the machine

  • Converting
  • Core/Tube Manufacturers
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Label Stock
  • Food Packaging
  • Medical

ROLLEX   R-MCC-800   manual paper core cutting machine can realize clean, accurate, burr-free cuts ensuring that your core cutting process is simple and cost-effective. It not only could cut cardboard or paper tube cores with accuracy and quality. What’s more, switching between different core diameters is easy, and saves you time. Of course, ROLLEX   R-MCC-800    manual paper core cutter has other features, contact us for more details.

Simplicity. And Efficiency. That’s what the R-MCC-800  manual core cutter is all about. It has been designed to cut cores all day long simply and efficiently. When you do digital production, you’ll constantly need different core sizes.

Therefore, ROLLEX   Machinery came up with a paper core cutting machine that’s simple to use and a great partner for finishing machines. AS a manual paper core cutter, the R-MCC-800 is the perfect machine for low to medium-volume users. It cuts core diameters between 75 mm to 150 mm. The machine produces cutting lengths of 50 mm to 800 mm.

This is a manual cutting machine, so the speed depends on who is operating the core cutter.

How quick is the operator? How many cardboards can he/she make in under a minute?

Other than the operator, speed is also determined by the machine’s simplicity.

The blade’s sharpness also affects the machine’s cutting speed. For the maximum efficiency

and fast production, we recommend comparing different operators. Then task the fastest

individual with the cardboard core cutting.

The machine comes with one cutter blade. The blade is made of tungsten steel,

which makes the cutter blade very strong.Cutter blades made of tungsten steel

have excellent properties. Tungsten steel has high resistance to tear and wear,

especially in high heat.You don’t have to worry about getting the blade getting dull.

The tungsten steel alloy makes the cutter blade tough and strong to last several months of usage.

The R- MCC- 800 core cutter holds the repetitive cuts to close tolerance using an

in-built scale for the measuring bar. At the mandrel, adjustable stop-shaft guarantees

the length measurements remain intact, thus ensuring accuracy for repeated cuts.

R-MCC-800 . 3" INCH 

MACHINE SIZE " L=49 X B=17 X H=45.
R-MCC-800 . 3" INCH 

MPACKAGING SIZE :-  L=56" X B=22" X H=53".



  • Manual Core Cutter 2 INCH