Dry Lamination Machine Lemi-Cot-2000


Rollex Machinery Private Limited. Dry Laminating Machine Model :-Lemi-Coat-2000 Adopting PLC German Siemens (Programmable logical Controller) system with humanized machine interface Touch screen of which allow the easier operation and also improves the quality of laminating efficiency.

Key Feature
  • Heavy Duty Frame Structure Design
  • Touch Screen Panel with Graphic, of various Parameters & Interlock Menus to set Various Production data. Graphical Menu is easy to understand & user-friendly
  • PLC Controlled Machine
  • Digital Edge Guide of which would continuously guide the web at all the speeds at a limit of ±50mm.
  • Pressure Roll with liner guide ways System
  • Doctor Blade fast change over and Pneumatic operated with multi angle and left right shuttle.
  • Heavy Duty Frame Structure Design
  • Law friction dynamic balance guide roll.
  • Low friction ball screw for side & length linner compensator.
  • Pneumatically Lay on Roll with counter balance.
  • The Unwinder is an Integrated Shaft less type. It shall be capable of clamping the reels of Core Diameter of 76mm / 3” & 152 mm / 6” with Easy and Changeover of Reel.
  • Unwinder 1, Unwinder-2 and Rewinder are Shaft less.
  • 4 segment pneumatic open oven tunnel, temperature control every segment intelligently for various material and energy-saving.
  • Solvent auto circulating conveyance system.
  • Center guiding type web guide for secondary unwind stand.
  • Hot melt coating device.
  • Corona treatment device.
Model : Dry Laminating Machine LEMI-COAT-2000 Option
Laminating Width 1000 mm 800mm and 1300 mm
Unwind web width 1050 mm 850 mm and 1250 mm
Max. Mechanical Speed 200 MPM 150-250
Max. Diameter of Material (Unwind & Rewind) Ø 800 mm Ø 1000mm and Ø 1200mm
Inside Diameter of Roll Core 76 / 3” and 152 / 6” 76 / 3” and 152 / 6”
Main Drive, Unwind-1, Unwind-2, Rewind, Dryer Roller. AC Motor Servo Motor
Oven System Electric Heating Type Gas Burner ,Wooden Fire, Thermic Fluid System
6 Drive System AC Motor Servo Motor
Oven Heating Length 8000 mm  
Oven Heating Power 30 Kw  
Total Power 70 Kw  
Weight 19000 kg  
Dimension (H x W x L) 3385 X 2746 X 9276 mm

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