TRIM WINDER MACHINE Trim Disposal for converters has always been a problem. Nobody Wants to trim material but there are occasion when it is not possible to process product without a trim. So, how do we dispose of this trim and how do we make value from this trim waste? Bulks of money can be spent on a price of slitting equipment but then fail to produce at the Required speed due to trim, waste problems. Therefore, we all need to know that if we want To have the best out of our convening machines we need to have good quality profitability. Our Trim Winder System is simple equipment using latest technology, to help you manage the Trims effectively and efficiently for better profitability.

R-TW-450 is the most advanced technologically Trim winder Machine for Converting Industry. Machine auto synchronize to any Slitter machine and any speed up to 500 MPM .

Our Trim Removal System. Will process wide range of material as per customer’s requirement. Rollex Machines are engineered for strong durable & reliable Performance. Our Design is focused on enhancing productivity & operational Excellence.

Model : R-TW-450 Matric Option
Trim Width (Both Side) Double Trim 5 mm to 30 mm 50 mm / 100 mm
Trim Size Thickness 25 Micron to 200 Micron 1000mm / 1200 mm
Machine Running Speed Up to 500 MPM Up to 1000 MPM
Rewinder Diameter 600 mm 800 mm
Reel Package Diameter 300 mm 500 mm
Reel Packaging Length 350 mm 400 mm
Power 1 HP 3Phase 440 V 2 HP 3Phase 440 V
Machine Size H=600 L=1000 W=1000 152 mm
Packaging Size (wooden) H=29 L=28 W=46  
Machine Weight (Approx) 150 Kg 200 Kg
  • Fully automatic & Programmable operations with latest technology
  • Easy to handle plug and play operation.
  • Gives Trims in reel form which required less storage space
  • Saving of Power up 60%
  • Reduce the noise pollution in print shop.
  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Increases Cost sale trim
  • Can be easily attached with Slitter, Extrusion, and Pouch Making.
  • Reel weight up to 20Kg can be handled at a time.
  • Special Design Hi-Speed Machine.
  • Core less.
  • Turret Auto Reel Change Over.

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