Rollex Machinery Private Limited. Provides a special Doctoring Rewinding Machine for correcting tension related defects, to edge profile & doctoring of finished products.

Doctoring Rewinding machine In Flexible Packaging Industrtry slitter operator and material aren’t always perfect.

Slitted rolls are sometimes wound with undesirable defects, resulting in wasted roll. Doctoring Rewinding Machine ensures that converter will minimize wasted -turning inventory of poor rolls In to profit.

Machine Specialize in hi performance doctoring machine that are ideal for rewinding of Narrow slit finished reels and can reduce rewinding time by more than70-90%

Model : R-DR-500 Size Option
Max Web Width 400 mm 500 mm / 600 mm
Min Web Width 70 mm 50 mm / 100 mm
Machine Speed 100 MPM 150 MPM
Unwinder Reel Diameter 400 500mm / 600 mm
Rewinder Reel Diameter 400 mm 500mm / 600 mm
Max.Reel Width 200 Kg 400 Kg
Unwind Core ID 76 mm (3”) (6”) 152 mm
Rewinder Core ID 76 mm (3”) (6”) 152 mm
Packaging Size (wooden) H=58 L=42 W=65  
Key Feature
  • Cantilever design for easy loading &unloading roll
  • Web Edge Guiding System
  • Unwinder manual Break
  • Manual Lay on System
  • Inkjet coding attachment.
Optional Feature
  • Auto Tension Control System with Pneumatic Break & Load Cell
  • Closed Loop Precise tension unwinds and rewind with load cell
  • Reversible type-forward and backward
  • Air Shaft For Unwinder & Rewinder
  • Online Slitting Arrangement

Rollex Machinery Pvt Ltd.