PEG Coating Machine Smart Coat -225-1200.


Rollex Machinery Private Limited. Provides a special PEG Coating machines for Jumbo Paper Reels, 38 GSM to 82 GSM Paper Coating Smart Coat-225-1200 is the most advanced technologically and fully auto PEG Coating Machine for Converting Industry. Our innovative and unique coating and rewinding technology including and accurate tension controlling system, delivery the ability to rewind even the most difficult light gauge Paper.

Rollex PEG Coating Machine. PEG Coating will process wide range of material as per customer’s requirement.

Rollex Machines are engineered for strong durable & reliable Performance. Our Design is focused on enhancing productivity &operational Excellence.


Paper 38 GSM to 82 GSM

Smart Coat-225-1200
Size Option
Max. Web Width 1200 mm 850 mm / 1050 mm
Min. Web Width 600 mm 800 mm
Machine Speed 200 MPM 300 MPM
Unwinder Reel Diameter 1000mm 1200mm
Rewinder Reel Diameter 1000 mm 1200 mm
PEG Coating GSM 3 GSM to 8 GSM 6 GSM to 12 GSM
Paper GSM 38 GSM to 82 GSM 50 GSM to 100 GSM
Unwinder & Rewinder Core Dia 76 mm/152 mm (3") & (6") 76 mm/152 mm (3") & (6")
Unwinder Roll Weight 100Kg 1200Kg
Key Feature
  • Heavy Duty Structure Design.
  • Touch Screen Interface for Easy Operation
  • PLC Controlled Machine
  • Digital Line /Edge Guiding
  • Auto tension controlling system with constant speed.
  • Unwinder Safety Chuck With Mechanical Shaft
  • 4 Drive Systems.
  • Furnish roll with variable Speed.
  • Auto Coating Adjustable and Tapper System in running machine.
  • Air Shaft 3”&6”.
  • PEG mixing Tank with Stirrer.
  • Unwind & Rewind Shaft less with Hydraulic Lifting

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