Inspection Machines


Rollex Machinery Private Limited. Provides a special Inspection Rewinding to keep track of Printing wastages.

ISNPETRON 3I Inspection is the most important process for a flexible converter to ensure the defect free material to their customer.

Substrate needs to be inspected before lamination or slitting Process to ensure removal of defective material. This process ensures saving in wastage for downstream process & also prevent bad quality material to end customer

Rollex ISNPETRON 3I. is equipped with high frequency stroboscope for high speed Inspection. it stops upon a touch of a Defect button on user interface & reverses until the Defect positioned on inspection table. This enhances the efficiency & effectiveness of inspection. This type of solution is economical & value for money for the customers.

Applications :-

Our Inspection and rewinding machine is applicable to inspect and rewind PVC, PE, CPP, PET, film rolls and Printed material.

Model : Inspection Size Option
Max. Web Width 1100 mm 1300 mm
Min. Web Width 500 mm 500 mm
Machine Speed 400 MPM 500 MPM
Unwinder Reel Diameter 800mm 1000mm
Rewinder Reel Diameter 800 mm 1000 mm
Max.Reel Width 800 kg 1000 kg
Unwind Core ID 76 mm/152 mm (3") & (6") 152 mm
Rewinder Core ID 76 mm/152 mm (3") & (6") 152 mm
Key Feature
  • High speed inspecting printing quality and rewinding rolled material.
  • Shaft less Unwinder and Rewinder for ease of Loading and unloading..
  • Touch Screen Interface for Easy Operation
  • PLC Controlled Machine
  • Edge Guiding
  • Reversible type-forward and backward.
  • Closed Loop Precise tension unwinds and rewind with load cell.
  • Pneumatically Rewinding Re Load System.
  • Secondary rewind to wind wastage material
  • High frequency Stroboscope.
  • Air Shaft 3”&6”.
  • Rotary Knives.
  • Trim Winder Machine.
  • Static eliminator

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