Rollex Machinery Private Limited. Offers hi-speed cantilever slitter rewinding machines for converting industries, Assuring top performance and total quality control.

Eco-Slit-350 is the most advanced technologically Duplex Cantilevered Slitter Rewinding Machine for Converting Industry. Our innovative and unique rewinding technology including roll lock Differential Shaft and accurate weight counter lay on roller system, delivery the ability to rewind even the most difficult light gauge film and complex laminated material.

Rollex Slitter Eco-Slit -350. Slitter rewinding will process wide range of material as per customer’s requirement.

Rollex Machines are engineered for strong durable &reliable Performance. Our Design is focused on enhancing productivity &operational Excellence.

Model : Eco-Slit-350 Matric Option
Web Width 1300 mm 1100 mm / 1600 mm
Unwinder Reel Diameter 800 1000mm / 1200 mm
Machine Speed 350 MPM 650 MPM
Rewinder Diameter 600 mm 800 mm
Min.Slit Width 100 mm 50 mm
Max.Slit Width 800 mm 1100 mm
Unwind Core ID 76 mm/152 mm 152 mm
Rewinder Core ID 76 mm 152 mm
Unwinder Roll Weight 800 Kg 1000 Kg
Cantilevered Feature
  • Differential Rewind Technology
  • Touch Screen Interface for Easy Operation
  • PLC Controlled Machine
  • Digital Line /Edge Guiding
  • Heavy Duty Frame Structure Design
  • Fast and flexible mounting & setting of blade
  • Unwinder Safety Chuck With Mechanical Shaft or Air Safety
  • Pneumatically Lay on Roll with counter balance.
  • Laser Core Positioning for Easy6 of Core Positioning in Change-Over.
  • Circular Knives Attachment.

Rollex Machinery Pvt Ltd.